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by GREG C. on The Smart Valve
We have purchased and installed 12 Smart Valves
Company: T.R.C. Management Co.

We have purchased and installed 12 Smart Valves in our apartment properties over past 6 months. Savings have ranged from 11% to 23%. This is particularly valuable since all of our properties separate sewer charges based upon water consumption . We intend to install in our other buildings by the end of the year.

by JUSTIN LEE - CEO on The Smart Valve
savings averaging $5,600 per month
Company: Dae Shin USA, Inc. Fullerton, CA

In December, 2012, our energy consultants recommended installation of your Smart valve.Since that time, our monthly reduction in consumption has averaged 9.5%, with actual savings averaging $5,600 per month, ($67,000 annually). Very short term ROI was realized. The decision to purchase and install your Smart Valve has been proven to be the wisest one to save our ever increasing water hill. I would definitely recommend your Smart Valve to anyone who wants to reduce their water bill.

by John Warfield - CEO on The Smart Valve
Your valve is one of the most impressive pieces of equipment that I have experienced
Company: Personalized Property Management, Inc. Rancho Mirage, CA

The resulting savings – as measured by meter readings over a 4 week period – was so dramatic that we made the decision that the valve should be moved to a meter with considerably larger volume.The savings of 39% was adjusted for some slight changes in the watering cycle, and we concluded that savings of 32% resulted from the installation of the valve, which we considered a conservative assessment.We have recommended to the Board of the HOA that they seriously consider additional installations on the six meters that use significant water amounts. (They did purchase them)Our company has been engaged in business for over 30 years, managing more than 125 HOA’s in our region. Your valve is one of the most impressive pieces of equipment that I have experienced. I have informed the local representative that I will be pleased to introduce him to our client base, confident that the savings will be particularly important in light of our serious water crisis.

by BOB PACK - General Manager on The Smart Valve
The purchase of your Smart Valve has proven to be a very sound capital investment for us
Company: Grand Central at Kennedy Tampa, FL

This will confirm purchase and installation of (2) 6″ Smart Valves for our twin condominiums (370 units each and commercial space)… Installation went smoothly as planned …. In two years since installed, our savings on water and sewer charge are averaging 23% – Over $1,600 per month.The purchase of your Smart Valve has proven to be a very sound capital investment for us.Our 2014 proposed budget has been prepared. We are reducing our line item for water and sewer charges by $50,000 (from $240,000 to $ 190,000), based upon savings realized over past 2 years after installation of your Smart Valve.

by Rich Friedman on The Smart Valve
Smart Valve helped us Save Moeny & Win Green Business Award
Company: Doubletree Tarrytown

I am writing to tell you about our success with your wonderful product, the Smart Valve. We installed the valve on our main water line at the Doubletree Tarrytown in 2013. The installation was very quick and easy and went without a hitch. Since the valve was installed we have seen consistent savings on our monthly water bill of 10% to 15%. This is phenomenal and has helped improve our bottom line. Other than seeing our water bills drop, you would not even know the valve was there.In addition to the savings, the Smart Valve helped us win the 2014 Westchester County Green Business Award for Water Resource Conservation. We are very proud of this as it recognizes the positive results of our ‘green’ operating philosophy.My only lament is that our sewer charges are not connected to our water meter, or we would be saving even more money there!Thank you for making our business better. I would highly recommend the valve to anyone with a water bill and will definitely be spreading the word.